Gluten Free Bread at Coles + Woolworths around VIC
Gluten Free Bread at Coles + Woolworths around VIC
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About Us

Lichtenstein’s Bakehouse was established in 2002 as a family operated bakery.  All of our breads and cakes are inspired by traditional European recipes and are of the highest quality.

Lichtenstein’s Bakehouse specializes in manufacturing healthy breads. We are especially known for and passionate about our variety of Gluten Free breads which we have been assured far surpasses all in quality and flavour.

We have developed a delicious gluten free product which tastes, feels and toasts as a top quality bread. We insist on using only natural wholesome ingredients and our breads do not contain any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Consumers requiring gluten free diets have come to expect more choice and superior quality.

We only source ingredients from reputable Australian suppliers who follow strict food safety programmes, giving comfort and reassurance to all our customers that our products are manufactured in a safe and clean environment.